Sassicaia (and other myths) by the glass, Enoteca Tognoni’s winning formula: «Three bottles a day»

Sassicaia (and other myths) by the glass, Enoteca Tognoni's winning formula 'Three bottles a day'.

The market for internationally renowned fine wines knows no crisis and the sale by the glass is a tool that encourages sales. This is testified to by Francesco Tognoni, owner of Enoteca Tognoni, a real cult place in the centre of Bolgheri, to «We have been selling the great wines of the area by the glass for thirty years now – the Tuscan entrepreneur explains -. These days, we sell three bottles a day of wines such as Sassicaia, which we store in special dispensers».

«I realised many years ago that Bolgheri is an area with enormous potential – continues Francesco Tognoni – and that uncorking wines would sell easily. Today this area is very famous and, like me, other colleagues have chosen to sell great wines by the glass. We therefore manage to uncork important volumes, of very well-known and renowned labels».


What distinguishes Enoteca Tognoni’s offer is an entire page of iconic Bolgheri wines, proposed precisely by the glass. Customers can choose between 5 or 10 centilitres. Enough to savour labels that for many are unattainable, paired with the excellent cuisine offered by the wine shop itself, in Strada Lauretta, 5.

«Thirty years ago – says Tognoni – there were far fewer b0ttigilie than today, but I was already uncorking Tignanello, Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Paleo. I understood that the foreigner who was given the opportunity to taste important wines would then buy at least one case. A utopia for Italians, in those days, to buy a case of Sassicaia. Today, however, this happens regularly».

«Foreigners may eat one dish less, but they choose an important bottle, at the table. Before leaving they often buy a case or two. Those who give us the most satisfaction are the Northern European and American costumers. So many come to the area for the sea, for art and culture. Many also come just for the wine».


Francesco Tognoni then goes into detail about the rotations of fine wines by the glass, at Enoteca Tognoni: «In a period like this, i.e. between July and August, we uncork an average of three bottles of Sassicaia a day. Ornellaia follows closely, with two bottles a day. Sassicaia is still the label that people want to drink the most».

One bottle yields seven “whole” 10 cl glasses and 14 “half” 5 cl glasses, equally appreciated by the clientele. «Some choose four small glasses – explains Tognoni – to try different wines. Others opt for two large glasses of the same wine, which they already know».


According to the Tuscan entrepreneur, on the strength of a 2021 record-breaking year, the future will continue to bring satisfaction. «I think that until mid-October we will work hard, strong in the reputation that this area of Tuscany has earned over the years. Bolgheri – he continues – is now the most important area in Italy for Bordeaux blended wines. The whole world wants them. Unfortunately, prices increase every year, due to the logic of supply and demand».

«Consequently – concludes the owner of Enoteca Tognoni – we wine merchants and restaurateurs also have to adapt to the price increases of the wineries. Despite this, every year we run out of the wine allocated. By September 2022, I will have finished Sassicaia 2019, despite the fact that the quantities allocated to us are substantial, thanks to our 30-year relationship with the Tenuta San Guido family». In short, raise your glasses. While there are still.

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