Portugieser du Monde, Franc du Monde, Wine Travel Awards: Villány in the limelight

Portugieser du Monde, Franc du Monde, Wine Travel Awards Villány in the limelight

Villány has always been  “a top wine regionof Hungary, in many aspects. The southernmost wine region of the Country, with the most sunny hours; the most winemakers with the prestigious title “Winemaker of the Year”. And the most functioning wine cellars compared to the number of inhabitants.

It is also one of the favourite destinations of wine travellers. The season begins in January with Vince Day vineyard tours. At summer Villány offers a marathon with rose wine (dressed in pink). Autumn is famous for the Red Wine Festival and much more. However, in the next months Villány also becomes the focus of the wine trade as well.

Portugieser du Monde, Franc du Monde, Wine Travel Awards have something in common: all of them are international, are related to Villány and take place in spring and early summer (and I will be judging there, dozens of Portugieser and Cabernet Franc!).

Portugieser du Monde – even the smallest one counts

Only few international wine contests are restricted to one grape variety and if they do so, they concentrate on a popular international variety like Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. However Villány places emphasis on preserving ancient indigenous varieties including Portugieser, which is grown almost only in the Villány wine region within Hungary.

They organize the international Portugieser contest annually, this April the 8th edition awaits samples from the neighbouring countries as well. The jury consists of renowned wine experts from several countries. Winemakers can send young, easy drinking Portugieser wines, aged Portuguiser specialities, rosé, white or sparkling wines made of Portuguiser or Portuguiser based blends.

After the contest consumers will have a chance to taste a wide range of Portuguiser wines in the city of Pécs, not far from Villány.

Deadline for entering: 31 March

Tasting Event: 23 April, Pécs, Magtár Event Centre

More information:


Franc du Monde – the crown jewel

After the one and only Portuguiser contest of the world, Villány announces the first and only Cabernet Franc international wine contest! The organizers had planned to launch the competition in 2020, however pandemic changed plans.

Therefore after a long preparation finally this June will see the first edition at the Castle of Siklós, an astonishing medieval fortress within Villány wine region. Late Michael Broadbent once commented “Cabernet Franc has found its natural home in Villány” and ever since Villány wine producers have been creating fine examples of the variety and other Hungarian wine regions followed suit.

The international jury of renowned wine experts awaits samples from all of the Cabernet Franc wine regions of the world from California to New Zealand, from Loire to Tuscany. After the contest Villány hosts a conference for trade members and advanced wine connoisseurs.

Deadline for entering: 1 May

Conference: 11 June

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Wine Travel Awards – vote for Villány!

Pandemic caused serious damage to wineries in Hungary – just like everywhere in the world – thus Wines of Hungary, the official board of Hungarian wine marketing greeted the initiative of Wine Travel Award, a brand new award to draw attention to wine tourism.

Wines of Hungary has nominated some events to the award, and one of the three nominated event is the conference and tasting day held annually in Villány, focusing on Cabernet Franc.

Franc & Franc Forum & Tasting Day has become the meeting point of Cabernet Franc experts, producers and passionate lovers of the variety. It’s possibole to vote: https://winetravelawards.com/nominee/franc-franc-forum-and-tasting-day/.

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