New Zealand, goodbye to Australian Prosecco within five years

New Zealand, goodbye to Australian Prosecco within five years

Thanks to a bilateral agreement negotiated by the European Union, Prosecco will be officially recognised in New Zealand as a trademark and protected geographical indication. In fact, the European trademark office emphasised the «undisputed reputation of the Prosecco Doc in the consumer’s perception, amply documented by the Consortium».

«Enough – continues the EU office – to confirm that Prosecco has become the most famous sparkling wine in Europe along with Champagne». «A few months ago – comments the president of the Prosecco Doc Consortium, Stefano Zanette – we were celebrating the registration of the “Prosecco” brand in China. Today we are toasting to the recognition of the Prosecco IG within the agreement».

«The protection by New Zealand – explains Alessandra Zuccato, head of the Consortium’s protection activities – is particularly significant».

«A country so distant from us recognises that we are a denomination of origin, preventing, five years after the agreement came into force, the commercialisation of ‘Australian Prosecco’, which sees New Zealand as its leading export destination».


The Prosecco Doc Consortium has also «further strengthened controls on online trade, given the exponential growth of fraud in this market segment».

The numbers, in this context, are record-breaking. From 2020 to date, more than 10,000 checks have been carried out and more than 2,500 sales ads have been blocked because they were deemed to be «in contrast with the regulations on the correct use of Prosecco Doc».

«The Consortium – emphasises president Stefano Zanette – intends to further consolidate its action to protect the denomination, aware of the absolute centrality of this activity in the panorama of the tasks entrusted to the Consortia that, precisely, qualify as “protection”».

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