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davidebortone.wine is my new website, dedicated to my international wine friends!

I’m Davide Bortone, italian wine journalist, editor in chief of winemag.it, in Italy.

Here you will find some of the articles published in Italian on winemag.it, translated into English. On davidebortone.wine you’ll mainly find wine news, wine reviews, wine ratings and wine tours.
The main focus are, of course, the italian wines. But you will find also other european and international wine appellations.

As a wine professional, I travel a lot. I participate as a judge at some of the biggest Italian and international wine fairs, such as the Berliner Wine Trophy in Germany.

Over the last few years, I have been learning a lot about Hungarian wine, travelling by car to discover this extraordinary country. This is how my first selection of wines was born, dedicated to the discerning Italian market.

I believe that the beauty of this job is travelling and discovering new territories: that is why I am never at home! And that’s (also) why I decided to open Davide Bortone .wine.

However, my approach to communication and journalism in the world of wine is not conventional. In fact, I believe that the world of wine and food criticism, especially in Italy, is in dire need of re-founding.

In my own small way, I am trying to unravel the many bugs in a system that, in my opinion, is on the verge of the point of no return. the final consumer, in this case, would pay the highest price.

For this reason, my work reflects firstly a philosophy of independent and super partes journalism. (Not) secondly, the focus is entirely on the readers.

However, not being native English speakers, please forgive me some mistakes! In conclusion, this website wants to be a way to connect myself more and more with the extraordinary world of wine. And with all the friends I have met over the years.

How? Using its second language: English. How do you say? What’s the first language of wine? The wine glass, of course! Cheers!
Davide Bortone